越南大使馆帮助游客获得了巴厘岛, 印度尼西亚
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越南大使馆帮助游客获得了巴厘岛, 印度尼西亚

在印尼,越南大使馆已收到请求支持各地 50 谁是停留在巴厘岛越南游客, 印度尼西亚, 由于火山喷发, 其中 30 have left Bali safely by land.


The embassy said some other people are waiting for assistance from airlines or for the re-opening of Ngurah Rai airport.

据巴厘岛饭店协会的估计, 关于 800-1,200 Vietnamese tourists visit the island each month.

阮成海, 越南公民谁住在巴厘岛七年, 说,大约 12 Vietnamese nationals living in the island are in safe conditions because no one is residing within the dangerous 12-km radius from the volcano.

印尼国家减灾局已经宣布在阿贡山的警告从“红”到降级 “橙子”, 下面最严重的一次水平. 然而, dangerous area is still defined within a radius of 10km.

与此同时, 在巴厘岛国际机场重开 15:00 十一月 29. 然而, Indonesian authorities warned that direct flights to the island may be interrupted if the wind changes its direction.

更多 1,300 往返巴厘岛的航班已被取消,因为机场已于十一月关闭 27, 几乎影响 180,000 passengers.



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