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More Chinese travelers visiting Vietnam via chartered flights

芽庄, Da Nang, HCM City and other famous tourism sites are seeing an influx of Chinese travelers.

金兰湾机场在庆和省的春节长假期间充满了中国游客. 据报道, 曾经有 30-40 包机每天带来 9,000-12,000 Chinese travelers to the locality.

谁在日上午参观了机场的记者 18, 或农历新年的第三天, noticed streams of people following customs procedures.

然而, 记者随后发现,乘客人数上升甚至更 2 pm and midnight.

科林·布莱克威尔, 南映贸易和进口的CEO /出口公司, 它提供了外国航空公司机场服务, was not surprised when reporters mentioned the tens of flights carrying Chinese travelers to Cam Ranh daily.

一些中国航空公司能提供数百​​个航班和更多的如果机场能够接收它们的, he said.

“这个 (中国) 广阔的市场. 约低数量的旅客不用担心,” he said.

中国游客还参观了其他很多城市/省份. 岘港市, 例如, 收到 10,000 Chinese travelers during the holiday.

在 2017, 越南收到 4 万名中国游客, 的急剧增加 48.6 percent over 2016.

布莱克韦尔说,越来越多的中国人将访问越南, as it as great advantages in geographical position and a high number of tourist sites with warm weather year round as well as safety.

他说,大多数服务包机的飞机都是从越南航空公司租用, and the number of Chinese travelers will increase as Chinese air carriers have joined the market.

阮文诚, 庆和省旅游协会 – 芽庄的副主席, 说,金兰湾机场超负荷. 结果是, many flights from China have to be carried out at night.

一旦金兰湾的新的终端开始运作, 定于四月 2018, 它可以接收 2 million Chinese travelers this year.

中国也荣登胡志明市的列表 10 在最大的旅游市场 2017. The number of Chinese travelers to the city is expected to rise this year because travel firms have found solutions to the lack of parking seats at the airports.

资源: 据越南


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